4-Steps To Registration

SAM Registration ProgramFederal Government SAM Registration 2

The SAM Active Registration is designed to get you or your company registered to accept federal, military, state, and local government contracts. Our program covers all four necessary areas of activation:
  1. Login Creation
  2. Entity Registration
  3. Bid Eligibility Registration and;
  4. Accounting & Funding Registration


Account Creation & Core Data

  • Validation of DUNS Information
  • Business Information (TIN, etc.)
  • CAGE Code Registration
  • General Information
  • Funds Transfer
  • Compensation Disclosure
  • Proceedings Details

Assertions & POC’s

  • Goods and Services
  • Size Metrics
  • EDI Information
  • Disaster Relief Information
  • Government Point of Contact
  • Accounting Point of Contact
  • Alternate POC’s (Up to 10 Total)

Representations & Certifications

  • FAR Responses
  • Architect-Engineer Responses
  • DFARS Responses
  • Exclusion Records
  • legacy EPLS functionality
  • FOUO Entity Management
  • Certification and Disclosure

Activation & Optimization

  • Federal Contracting Database
  • 1 Year Registration Warranty
  • Registration Amendments
  • Registration Expiration Notice
  • Previous Awards & Compliance
  • Place of Performance
  • NAICS & PSC Codes Validation


FirstUSA registers your business for government contracts & grants. You will be ready to bid on goods and services with federal, military, state and local governments. We compile and complete the SAM & DUNS number registration, CAGE, NCAGE, SWIFT, NAICS Codes, along with the required data gathering to complete the application or migration of your existing business.

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For Immediate Assistance Call Our

SAM Help Desk At 1-877-857-5045

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