Website Development

  1. Once we have determined what you want your site to be, and what you want to generate from your site, a Site-Plan for your project is created that maps out how we will achieve your goals. We can help you find what to sell, who to buy it from, and where to sell it! We work with you based on where you are currently in your business life-cycle. Whether you are just starting, or an experienced contractor, store owner, or supplier, we adjust what we deliver.Web Design & Product Deveopment
    1. Product or Service selection
    2. Vendors and Suppliers to fulfill your orders or work
    3. Pricing & Shopping Carts to collect your profits!
  2. We help you choose a website building platform
    1. You will have control over your website
    2. Great design and full functionality
    3. No need to pay to move the site
  3. Find a Web Host and Domain Name
    1. Easy access CPanel to manage your site and E-Mail
    2. Great brand-able, memorable, and catchy Domain Names
  4. We build your site and make it easy to add, edit, or make changes
    1. Our extensive interview process uncovers what you want to do
    2. Our Site Map is created from that conversation
    3. Content is written that is specific to what you are selling or offering
    4. Then we customize your site with lots of features to choose from, and the site will be ready to market your service or product
  5. Let’s get the business name and what you do out there!
    1. You will want links from other sites, other company advertising on your sites, and affiliate programs to boost traffic and profits
    2. We will get your site ready and submit it to search engines like Google and Bing
    3. We test your site so it’s compatible with all the major browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and the latest version of Explorer
    4. Keywords and Contents are imbedded into the site
    5. Search engines crawl your site and you show up for others to see
    6. We can optimize the site for you and provide all sorts of marketing efforts to match your sales with your financial goals
      1. Social Media Campaigns
      2. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  6. E-Mails, Blogs and Press Releases
  7. Articles in online and print publications
  8. Offer Free Software
  9. Free E-Book that you have written or select from hundreds of options
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