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By registering with FirstUSA Data, we can set up your business to access over 87,000 state and local government agencies in the country. There are online services that match your company’s criteria with bids, then send this information directly to you by email. You can even automate FirstUSA Government Bid Registrationyour bidding process and return the bids electronically. If you haven’t considered selling to government, you’re missing business, and a lot of business according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). With past events like the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, more companies are focusing on doing business with government agencies. The most reliable component of the economy is the government, with the Federal departments alone awarding a contract every 20 seconds of every working day.

The U.S. Federal Government is the largest buyer in the world, and state and local governments often make up a large percentage of their respective marketplaces. In many cities, government employs more people and buys more products and services that any other entity.

Doing business with governments isn’t just for corporate giants, either. We show you how the SBA helps to ensure that small businesses obtain a certain percentage of everything the government buys. And despite budget crunches in many municipalities, state and local government spending remains the largest in any single market in the nation.


Let FirstUSA Data Help You Develop Your Government Bids

  1. Access reports on federal contract actions over $2,500
  2. Find business opportunities valued over $25,000 and recieve email notifications on relevant opportunities
  3. SBA’s Business Matchmaking page for additional information on business opportunities with the government
  4. GSA Small Business Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts Center and the FSS Center for Acquisition Excellence for further training


  1. Companies doing business with the U.S. Government must have a D-U-N-S Number.
  2. Vendors must register in order to receive federal contract awards and provide EFT payment information
  3. Enter representations and certifications of vendors’ business information electronically prior to bidding

Find Business Opportunities

  1. One-stop gateway to federal business opportunities over $25,000
  2. Retrieve sensitive acquisition related information required to bid on solicitations


  1.  Report subcontracting accomplishments
  2. View contractor performance evaluations
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