Boost your business with design

Boost Your Business with Design

Boost your business with industrial design. give your business the boost it needs by making sure to invest time, research and effort into good design practices. Studies have shown that companies that are design-conscience are hugely rewarded for their efforts. This is majorly important for businesses who are trying to turn all those clicks into conversions, or at the very least, inform individuals about their products, services and goods.
Globalization is developing rapidly, and it can be hard to keep up with the pace. No longer is poor design an acceptable feature for businesses. Good design demonstrates that a company has strong ethics on the manufacturing process, is in-line with their customers, and want to provide top-shelf quality service and products.
Interested in knowing more? Here’s the dirty details:

  • According Forbes, every dollar invested in industrial design brings in $100 in return
  • Companies such as IBM, Nike, and Disney saw 219% greater returns than companies who weren’t as conscious of industrial design practices or weren’t involved at all
  • Even small manufacturers saw an increase of 17.5% on average when they improved their goods and sales and invested in design.

Industrial design has an enormous impact on the economy overall as well. Believe it or not, investing in design has direct impact on businesses and economies by increasing the amount of jobs available – fostering better economic growth and higher employment rates in comparison to the companies who don’t implement industrial designers into their workforce. or have a specific manufacturing design department responsible for design management, development, and finalization.

As previously mentioned, despite being extremely underutilized by small businesses, even they on average saw a large increase in their returns when they started implementing good business practices regarding industrial design. Despite this, many small businesses are either unaware of industrial design practices or are choosing not to invest in them, believing them to be “too costly” of a solution for a “low return on investment”. However, that’s far from the truth. It’s been proven by a study conducted by the British Columbia Premier’s Technology council that 48% of projects that invest in industrial design practices to improve their business recover the total costs of the initial investment within a year or less after the product launch and as much as 90% of the projects within three years.

Clearly, industrial design is an integral part of giving your business a jolt of energy to shock it back into full speed if it has been experiencing a lull or you’re wondering what the next step is. Yet, despite this many companies still choose not to invest much in it simply due to lack of awareness. Industrial design produces tremendous value – for the company, the consumers the individuals who find jobs due to growing demand, and the economy overall.

Industrial design is being severely overlooked, underutilized, and everyone needs to take a closer look at this industry. It has the potential to change, shape, and pave a new way for both business owners and consumers and how they feel about and interact with their products.

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