The Business That Helps Businesses


FirstUSA Business Development: The Business That Helps Businesses

Ever-changing market conditions. Constant competition. Discovering and implementing best practices, while avoiding pitfalls. It’s a rough world out there for businesses struggling to find success. Thankfully, FirstUSA Business Development is in the business of helping.

Based out of Tampa, FL, FirstUSA brings to bear the acumen of its CEO, Todd Myers, whose years of experience running Internet startups has given him unique expertise in the realm of business consulting. From social media marketing and cash flow analysis to blogging and web design, FirstUSA offers all the tools necessary to put together and hone a solid business platform – tools that Myers knows you will need.

Featured Product: The First Step Affiliate Program

Every journey begins with a first step, so with that in mind, FirstUSA put together the First Step Affiliate Program. Like an Internet business starter kit, the First Step Affiliate Program combines marketing and web design to create an affiliate lead-generation site that enables the client to hit the ground running with fewer design decisions to make to slow them down.

Depending on the package selected, clients will choose up to five lead verticals out of a menu of ten, and experienced web developers will go to work putting together landing pages built around those choices. Topics for verticals include: student loans, debt consolidation, home improvement, making money from home, and others.

Every landing page developed includes the client’s unique affiliate links, so they can get credit for any new leads generated. Anytime a lead is generated, the client will receive a commission, which is managed through the affiliate network. Clients can log into their affiliate network account at any time to review stats, monitor traffic and tally commissions.

Whether you’re a novice and unsure of the finer points that go into making a website, or a seasoned professional who just wants to avoid the hassle, the First Step Affiliate Program is there to make your life easier.

A Professional Staff Stocked With Experts

Chances are, if it has to do with Internet business development, FirstUSA offers a service for it. Need someone to guide and manage your social media? Need someone to put together a blog based on your specifications? Need a logo or banner ad? Need a business plan that breaks down your financials and recommends a course of action? FirstUSA’s professional staff is comprised of experts in these various aspects of marking, design and consulting. They’re there to help you.

After all, helping businesses is FirstUSA’s business.

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