Facebook Gets In On The Action With Food Delivery

Have you ever been hungry scrolling down your newsfeed on Facebook, worn out from like after like, replying to comments and the works? With Facebook’s new feature they are integrating you can now bring the works themselves to your door – being able to order and pay for food delivery service within Facebook itself.

Presumably, Facebook wants to have their cake and eat it too, hence the reason for this new development. In the past few years we have seen the emergence of many different delivery services. Revitalizing and reimagining the delivery food business, and today we are able to order a lot of our favorite foods right to our door that we might not have had the ability to do so before. Facebook has decided to get in on the action – while it’s still hot.
Right now, it is currently in its development stages so it has only been offered to select users. A Facebook user simply will click a new button on their desktop or mobile app titled “Order Food” which will be sandwiched seamlessly into Facebook’s already growing list of features.

Facebook had previously announced in partnership with Slice or Delivery.com 2016 that they would be rolling out a new feature that allowed users to order food directly from a restaurant’s Facebook page, but it seems the feature has been retooled to make it even easier and convenient for users by adding a main menu button with the sole purpose of feeding the masses and satisfy your next, and newest craving.

The “order food” function Facebook is implementing in their main navigation pane is going to work similar to the previous proposal but now the “Order Food” button will take you to a curated list of restaurants in your area and the process of “What should I eat today?” begins from there.

On the Order Food landing page, you will find a list of restaurants, a featured photo of the restaurant, the price range for the food that is available from that restaurant, a star rating based out of 5, and the type of cuisine. This is perfect for adventurous foodies who like to try new restaurants every once in a while too, as the list will inevitably contain options that you may have traditionally never even heard of before using the new option. Payment is powered by Slice or Delivery.com but the transaction happens right inside the Facebook window. After payment has been processed, users will receive an email notification to confirm their order as well as an estimated time of delivery.

Not all Facebook users will see this option at the time as they are implementing it slowly – presumably to avoid any major widespread dilemmas that may occur during a time as sensitive as testing and releasing. Facebook has not confirmed when they will release the feature to all users.

Tech giant Facebook is by no means letting go of its social media stranglehold as the top dog of the pack despite more and more social platforms coming out each year making the market much more competitive. Facebook isn’t scared – they’re hungry to keep their spot at the top and now will be aiming to satisfy that hunger by satisfying yours too, straight from the application itself.

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