SAM (System For Award Management)

Bid Award Management

Member Agreement Welcome to FIRSTUSA, before you can start using this service, you must read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including any future amendments. Terms of Use CONTRACT FOR SERVICES FirstUSA Business Development, Inc. (FirstUSA) TERMS & CONDITIONS. You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions (also referred to […]

SAM Registration

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS WITH SAM OR MIGRATE YOUR EXISTING CCR REGISTRATION OR ORCA CERTIFICATION SAM is changing the way you do business by merging nine legacy, siloed systems into one. This provides users one login and access to all the capabilities previously found in the legacy systems. SAM also consolidates data from these […]

Registration Help

Click on the link below to download the SAM Registration Guide. This guide gives you step by step instructions. Registering  as a business or as an individual is the first step in becoming eligible for government contracts whether you are going to offer services or products. You must register if you are applying for business […]


1. Can I use my CCR Username and Password to log into SAM? No and Yes You must create an account in SAM. If you want to use the same username and password that you used in CCR, you may. 2. Does it cost anything to register in or to use SAM? The System for […]

4-Steps To Registration

SAM Registration Program The SAM Active Registration is designed to get you or your company registered to accept federal, military, state, and local government contracts. Our program covers all four necessary areas of activation: Login Creation Entity Registration Bid Eligibility Registration and; Accounting & Funding Registration   Account Creation & Core Data Validation of DUNS […]

SAM Contract For Services

This folder contains the contract agreement by and between the Applicant and FUSA Registration Services. Click on the folder below and the agreement will open up in your web browser. You can fill out the form on line and select print or download the form to fill out at a later date.       […]

SAM Help Desk

 System For Award Management Registration SAM-CCR-DUNS-CAGE-ORCA           First Name: Last Name: Organization: Title: Work Email: Work Phone: Additional background information:   For Immediate Assistance Call Our SAM Help Desk At 1-877-857-5045

SAM Registration Videos

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SAM Payment Link

By clicking the “Registration Fee Payment “ button you authorize  FUSA Registration Services to complete the CCR registration work on your behalf.  The onetime payment is for  $649.00.   The registration processing fee’s are non-refundable after filing completion. Services include SAM Migration, DUNS Number Registration, CCR Registration, ORCA File Preparation, and FEMA Registration or Registration.

Terms & Definitions SAM

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Core Data Requirements SAM

What information does the client need to register their entity in SAM? Depending on the type of registration they need, categories of information needed may include the following: Core Data – Includes, but is not limited to, an entity’s DUNS and/or DoDAAC, name, address, CAGE or NCAGE code*, taxpayer or employer ID numbers (TIN or EIN), […]

How to View a SAM Registraion

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Renew/Updating a SAM Registration

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