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Social Media Marketing Initiatives Trending Up in 2015 - Onvia

Marketers and business development leaders in the private sector today understand the important role that social media plays to increase sales of a product or to promote a service. Social networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can boost brand awareness, provide product & service information and establish an ongoing dialogue with customers. In the public sector, state, local and education (SLED) agencies are beginning to recognize the value of social media – and for more reasons than for simply selling a product or service. We reportedin 2014 on the increase in mobile initiatives to create an open, transparent, two-way dialogue with citizens that allows more people to engage and get involved with state and local government. Social media in combination with mobile applications can be an effective and even necessary way to connect with constituents. In a recent StateTech article, Ricky Ribeiro writes that “Although many governments once thought of social media as a curious side project, the reality is that it’s fast become an essential part of any state or local government’s communications strategy.”

In December 2014, Vision Internet, a technology firm specializing in government website development, conducted an online survey to gauge the current state of digital communications in local government and project future trends. The “What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government” survey had respondents from 334 municipal and county governments with populations of less than 10,000 to more than 1 million. Survey results showed that the top website trends and investments for 2015 are social media, content management and mobile government.

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